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Graduate, Issue 5

Natalie visits America to reflect on her first attempt at crime fighting and has a vision about the return of the lightning man after encountering a mysterious figure once again.

Written by Jon Hughes

Illustrated by Celia Calle


Graduate, Issue 4

After her encounter with the hero, America, Natalie decides to try her hand at crime fighting, with comical, yet promising results.

Written by Jon Hughes

Art by Celia Calle


Graduate, Issue 1

Some of the city’s brightest young heroes have been assembled, and are on a flight heading to a ceremony in their honor. Natalie Worthy is also on board, but is far from being a bright young hero. So when the flight meets a violent end, why is she the only one who survives? Meet a character, not a hero, who may change the way you think about gifted individuals in Graduate #1!

Written by Jon Hughes

Art by Celia Calle


Graduate, Issue 2

Learn the story behind why Natalie Worthy was the lone survivor of the plane crash from issue one, and more importantly, why she was on the plane to begin with!

Written by Jon Hughes

Art by Celia Calle


Graduate, Issue 3

Natalie attempts, unenthusiastically, to move forward with her life after the crash.  A late arrival to work results in a chance encounter with a popular superhero called America, who just may change Natalie’s mind about becoming one herself.

Written by Jon Hughes
Art by Celia Calle


America, Issue 1

Emerging from the events of Graduate #3, America bursts into action in her debut issue. After losing her invincibility, the nation’s most beloved hero refuses to give up her life as a crime fighter and must learn to deal with the pain and limits of her new vulnerability.

Written by Jon Hughes

Illustrated by Jason Pearson

Colored by Jon Hughes